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Alexandra Paul - actress  (Baywatch and 88 other films including Fire Quake)

"Geoff has a terrific ability to communicate with actors on the set.  He was extremely helpful to me as an actress, as his direction was not just "go there and then say your line" , it was a conversation about Moment Before and Character Intention.  What a treat for any creative person".  


Malcolm Clarke -  (2 x Academy Award winning director, 2 xs  time nominated.  Director of this years  Oscar winner   'Lady in Number Six.')


"I have seen Geoff work under intense pressure in both documentary settings and dramatic recreations, and I have no doubt that he will consistently deliver great material.

Geoff thinks quickly and creatively works extremely well with both cast & crew; as a result I have no hesitation in recommending Geoff as a cinematographer or a director in fiction and documentary."


Andy Armstrong- stunt co-ordinator I -Robot, Spiderman Returns, has worked with Geoff as a second unit director.

"Geoff’s experience, skill, professional work approach and attitude is a great asset to any production. I feel he and his talent as a 1st or 2nd unit director would be a great contribution to all and any future production he becomes involved with."

Richard Fike - stunt co-ordinator on 'The Avengers, Unstoppable' has worked with Geoff as a second unit director.
"I have worked with some of the top directors and 2nd unit directors (Tony Scott, Brian Singer to name a few) and I can certainly say Geoff has what it takes to be a part of the Mega Block Buster budgeted features. I look forward to working with him again, and I strongly recommend him as a director or 2nd unit director for any film production."


David Herman - (90 hours of TV hour directing. National Geographic)  Of all the interviews I have done, Geoff shot the best looking one and created a look that best fit the subject matter.




Alexandra Paul on set in 'Fire Quake.'

Malcolm Clarke and Geoff Browne - "Pig Farm"

As Director, Geoff used his worldly experience to quickly turn a location in Los Angeles to resemble a village in India.

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