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Throwdown - trailer

Gnome Alone - trailer


Geoff has a deep knowledge of the technical aspects of filmmaking, from concept to final cut. He has written and successfully optioned original scripts, directed a feature , logged thousands of hours as a cinematographer. He has a thorough understanding  of everything it takes to tell and shoot a great story,  writing, acting, lighting, SFX, stunts and music.


Because of this broad range experience, he has an increased understanding from a producers POV of what each individual needs to maximize workflow efficiency and creative output.


His ability as an artist to obtain an epic look and scale on a limited budget provides him with a realistic perspective of the most optimal ways to disburse and appropriate funds for all aspects of the film - including all above and below the line costs.


Geoff's superb communication and problem solving skills,  along with his  broad range of connections in the industry enable him to obtain the best equipment and identify the perfect locations, all at the lowest possible cost.


From a marketing standpoint, Geoff's global travels have allowed him to assemble a wealth of contacts and boots-on- the-ground awareness of what will sell to overseas audiences. Geoff has spent time with the Princes of Dubai, with Russian sailors on a trans-Atlantic trawler and has lived in caves in remote areas of China. His ability to bond with unusually diverse and ecclectic groups of individuals  has provided him with first-hand sensibility towards the stories people dream of, fantasize about and will ultimately buy.


Most recently in 2013/2014, Geoff was instrumental in getting the financing for 5 features with Status Media Entertainment and acting as producer.  These films  include "Throwdown" starring Misha Barton, Danny Trejo, Vinnie Jones and Luke Goss which was sold to Grindstone /Lionsgate, and "Gnome Alone" starring Vern Troyer, "24hrs " starring Tom Sizemore and Michael Pare, "Checkmate" Danny Glover, Sean Astin, and "Decomissioned," starring Michael Pare, directed by Timothy Woodward jr.


At present, Geoff  is developing three features, two to be shot on location in West Africa  and the other in Los Angeles.


For more information and investment opportunities contact

Geoff here.



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