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If you are ready for your own adventure let Geoff know.  He can recommend and get you discount rates with Concept East Adventures.  Take the tour of a lifetime and Drive the Silk Road.

Or if you want to visit Tibet?  Need a guide? A tour contact Geoff here and write 'Concept East Tour' in subject line.

Kalsang Dawa Tankas

Kalsang Dawa left Lhasa Tibet in his early twenties.  He is a world renown artist and Tanka painter, a craft past down from his father.  Kalsang's work has desplayed at top galleries around the US.  The detail and colours are exceptional.

If you would like to purchase a print of Kalsangs work or commission him for an original. Contact Geoff here. Insubject write Kalsang Dawa Art.

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