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“You kind of have to come from 'documentaries' because not everything is planned (on narrative film sets.) You have to be flexible to the moment." 


              Roger Deakins Oscar winning cinematographer.

GEOFF BROWNE is an accomplished traveler, filmmaker, director, cinematographer, and writer who focuses on Global stories with a unique perspective.  Geoff's script, YAHOO BOYS, has been optioned by the Oscar-winning producers of THE KING’S SPEECH, and the Oscar-nominated producers of THE FIGHTER.  Geoff has traveled the world as a director and DP putting himself face to face with all facets of the human condition for his own projects, the National Geographic series, DRUGS INC., and for two-time Oscar winner Malcolm Clarke. For his docu-drama CALL IT KARMA, Geoff lived alone in a remote Tibetan village. The film was translated into five languages. Geoff recently directed a short film/proof of concept scene from his screenplay YAHOO BOYS.  He titled the short Gboy and it was accepted into the Beverly Hills Film Festival.   Geoff is an alum of the Sundance Collab Institute.

More of Geoff's work is be posted soon.


Photo by Geoff Browne

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