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Eco-Physicist Eve Carter's estranged 16 year old daughter Nikki moves to Czech Repubic so they can be together, but when she arrives a deadly accident occurs at Eve’s eco-energy Helios  plant creating a ‘fire-quake’ that threatens to exterminate the town and Prague. Eve is now faced with the impossible task of stopping the catastrophe from spreading which is further complicated by her toxic relationship with her daughter. As creator of Helios, she is immediately accused of causing the cataclysm which puts the police and military hot on their tail.


Firequake Trailer

Geoff recently directed  on location in Bulgaria a film for the SyFy channel produced by Kirk Shaw (Odyssey Media), Phil Roth and Jeff Beach (BUFO, UFO), each a veteran of over 100 films,  He knew that his experience working creatively with actors would spotlight ideas he had for injecting the emotionally charged story of Eve (Alexandra Paul, Baywatch) and her struggle to heal the volatile relationship with her daughter as a parallel to literally saving the world. In this way, despite the a super tight 12 day shooting schedule, Geoff managed to heighten the strength of every key scene by working with the dramatic tensions of the actors to propel the story, rather than relying primarily on CGI and FX that the SyFy audience would inevitably see as Firequake.

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