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I have been making documentaries for the past 20 years.  I have directed and dp'ed, on multiple productions totallying hundreds if not thousands of hours of footage, and interviews under numerous circumstances.   As a cinematographer and second unit director I have  work with 2x Academy award winning producer director Malcolm Clarke, and with other major broadcasters Nat Geo, Discovery, and TLC to name a few.   I go whatever distance is needed to best tell a story.  Recently I took a trip to the Niger Delta to research 'The Letter,' a script I have been writing based on Nigerian email scams.  Below is a selection of my work.  The first is Call it Karma, a documentary drama I shot alone in the most remote regions of Tibet. 

Call it Karma - Director, Cinematographer

Pig Farm, Director Malcolm Clarke,   Cinematographer Geoff 

Promax BDA - Director, Cinematographer

Nat Geo Drugs Inc. 2nd Camera and 2nd Unit director

Nat Geo Pill Nation - 2nd Camera and 2nd unit director

Quality Balls - Cinematographer

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding -

2nd Unit Camera and 2nd unit director

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