I want this blog to be about the person who is the filmmaker rather than Geoff Browne the filmmaker. People have told me I'm a complex person. That may be true as there is always a lot going on up there due to the fact that I'm fascinated by all the POVs and angles that one can view any person or situation.  If I wasn't, then I'd be somewhat useless behind the camera. But the truth is, my main focus is always on simplicity. The simplicity of beauty that is often frozen and transparent in the midst of chaos and corruption. That is what drives me when I shot. First I allow beauty to frame me in its innate stillness...then I frame the shot.


I see the whole range of my life as an adventure, not just when I get on a plane and take off for the far regions of Tibet. But when I meet a friend for coffee, or talk to someone who likes my work but has a lot to say about it. And every one of these experiences is packed with potential grist for the mill in terms of characters, settings or whatever may spontaneously occur for my continuing journey. I'm starting with some stories that have stuck in my mind since high school, and hope you can somehow mentally assemble all the parts of me - and most importantly, that you enjoy reading , the videos and the images.

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They Used To Call me "Space Cat" - #1 California Scheming

February 21, 2014

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February 21, 2014

They Used To Call Me "Space Cat " - #1 - California Scheming


Back in high school, my friends used to call me "Space Cat" - not necessarily in a derogatory way. Truthfully, I have to admit the name fit me like a glove. Not so much in the hipster sort of way of being a...

February 21, 2014

They Used To Call me Space Cat #2 Abasnatchta              Vimeo  password is aba1 


What exactly is Abasnatchta you might be wondering? It is a country in Africa that does not exist. Except in the recesses of my memories and the mem...

February 19, 2014

Corruption and Beauty #1 - "Pig Farm"


A few years ago, I had the great good fortune of working with four-time nominated and Academy Award winning documentary film maker Malcolm Clarke. He is currently nominated for his latest film "The Lady in Room #6", and after worki...

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