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I love photography, I love people and I love telling stories no matter where I have to go travel to find them. Over the last 20 years of filmmaking I have garnered a reputation for going to dangerous places, building trust and getting difficult interviews. 


My Tibetan documentary was a physically demanding passion project made with limited resources where I carried out every job and although living at 15,000 feet has it problems for a sea level guy, I wouldn't have missed the experience for anything 


I am frequently asked  to tell the stories of how organizations are reaching out into poor neighborhoods and bringing them hope through getting opportunities to tell their stories

see my trailer on PROMAX BDA -





Companies like National Geographic, Discovery and TLC to do gritty, dangerous work on subjects like inner city drug trade.  Here is a Nat Geo trailer for one of many Drugs Inc. epsiodes.



A country of two halves money and poverty. Poverty, Niger Delta Nigeria is one of the most intense and most dangerous on line con gangs in the world. In prepping for my live action film about internet fraud I traveled the country and caught some insightful glances into everyday life.


This is just a snap shot of my work, but I hope it shows you that I have a keen eye and strong drive to find engaging stories.



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