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I am a seasoned commercial and an award winning documentary director. I shoot powerful images in all corners of the world, working in countless languages, in sometimes the most challenging of circumstances and environments.


For TikTok/Byte Dance, a billion-dollar Chinese app company, I directed multiple day shoots in China, Japan, India and Taiwan. 


I collaborated with Oscar winning director Malcolm Clarke on his award winning doc Better Angels.


For Nat Geo's Drugs Inc, I spent weeks with LAPD, DEA shooting raids and arrests. 

And I directed PSA’s with Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Jane Fonda, Angie Harmon, Judith Light, Tony Danza and Roberta Flack on behalf of Unicef and the ASPCA.


More  information coming soon.

Geoff is Managed by Tony Gill  Gotham Group.


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This photo is of me re-visiting the cave in Luoyang China, where I once  lived on assignment twenty years ago.