“You kind of have to come from 'documentaries' because not everything is planned (on narrative film sets.) You have to be flexible to the moment." 


              Roger Deakins Oscar winning cinematographer.


writer / Director


There's no substitute for raw filmmaking experience.  For over a dozen years, Geoff Browne has embedded himself with cartels, gangs, murderers, and shady criminals, capturing wild stories with real-world grit and a distinct visual flair.


Having filmed in over two dozen countries, including offbeat destinations like Nigeria, Iran, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, and Tibet, Geoff's work has been seen on National Geographic, Discovery, Hot Docs, Sy-fy and many other platforms.


For the acclaimed series Drugs Inc, he traversed the country from Tijuana to Boston, earning the trust of both subjects and crew, balancing physical risk with a passion to get the shots that matter.


In his quest to capture authentic stories, Geoff has crossed the Atlantic on a Russian-flagged converted spy ship, tracked notorious serial killers, and shadowed mysterious PI's.

Along the way, Geoff has worked with an Academy-Award winning director (Malcolm Clarke) and Oscar nominated writers, (Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson). He's also produced a variety of films sold to Netflix and Hulu.


The PSA’s he’s directed and produced have included Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, and Jane Fonda to name a few

Recently Geoff completed a short fillm called Gboy which he did as part of a Sundance Collab workshop.   


Held at gunpoint in the oil fields of Ogoniland Nigeria, Kara a teen is given the choice to stay in her village and fight the oil conglomerates or move to the city (Port Harcourt) and start a new life with the person she dreamt of marrying.























Formal Training –

Sundance Collabs extension of Sundance Institute.


Sundance Collab -  Core Directing

Sundance Collab – Directing your Feature

Sundance Collab – Re-writing your feature

Sundance Collab -  Producing your feature


Peter Markham Worshops (former AFI teacher on Directing, alumni include Arri Aster.)


Peter Markham - Directing Narrative POV 

Peter Markham - Deep Screenplay Analysis 

Peter Markham – Visual Language of Martin Scorcese

Peter Markham – Visual Language of Ari Aster in Hereditary.

Peter Markham – Visual Language of Alfred Hitchcock Notorious.


Joan Scheckel instructor Alumni Little Miss Sunshine

Directors Action Lab – The Technique.


Aaron Speiser Acting classes  (Will Smith’s Coach) - 4 years


Photo by Geoff Browne

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